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Unlike any other highway...

Oil and Gas businesses in each Louisiana Parish

Unlike any other highway in the nation, the 140-mile stretch of US Highway 90 from Lafayette to the Westbank Expressway in New Orleans has the highest density of energy workers in the nation. In fact, 4% of all energy laborers in the US work along the corridor and 36% of the Louisiana population resides there, too.

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Support America's Energy Corridor

The concentration of energy companies, ports, supply bases and other related infrastructure along the Energy Corridor sustains the vital production of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico.

The current Highway 90 will continue to hinder the efficiency of transporting goods, services and people for both on and offshore activities.

As oil is being discovered at an increasing rate on the Outer Continental Shelf, an upgraded interstate with a higher capacity is needed to accommodate the resulting increase in commerce.


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Louisiana Oil and Gas